1- Preparation of list of Government servants due for retirement within next 24 to 30 months, to be prepared six monthly in January and July each and forwarding the same to the Director, Pension Department, along with copies of Head of offices concerned for further action for preparation of pension cases and ascertaining/clearing of dues.

2.  Issue of retirement order one year in advance of the date of retirement of the Government servant individually, in form 6 to R.C.S. (Pension) Rules, 1996. (See GRD below Rule 78).

The order should contain a certificate of “No Departmental Enquiry under rule 16 of C.C.A. Rules is pending” or otherwise.

3. In case the Government servant to be retired is an officiating Government servant, issue a certificate for counting officiating pay for emoluments under Rule 45 (note 3 that the appointment has not been made in leave vacancy or to hold additional charge of the post in form 32 one year in advance and forward the same to the Head of office to record the service Book of the Government servant concerned.

If The officiating appointment is ordered after issue of the retirement order, the required certificate may be sent to the Head of Office immediately after the appointment is made.

(4) If after issue of retirement order, or no D.E. certificate, or officiating appointment certificate, there is any event having a bearing on the amount of pension, immediately norm the Head Office concerned, Director Pension Department, Pension Disbursing Authority etc. (See rule 83 of R.G.S. (Pension) Rules, 1996.


(1) Action as at A (1) above about preparation of list of Government servants due to retire within next 24 to 30 months.

(2) Monitoring of disposal of pension cases and following of calendar prescribed for preparation of the same, as prescribed in GRD 3 below Rule 93.

Form 26 (Statements 1 to 4), of R.C.S. (Pension) Rules, 1996.


(1) Verification of the service rendered by a Government servant and intimation of the same to him in Form 24 in case he has completed 25 years of service or 5 years are left to his retirement, as required under rule 29 of Pension Rules, to be issued in consultation with the senior most member of the Rajasthan Accounts Service posted in the Department.

Two years before the date of retirement:

(2) Undertaking the work of preparation of pension papers in Form 7.
(3) Obtaining of application or certificate in Form 27 or 27 A from the Government or No Demand Certificate in respect of Government accommodation.
(4) Forwarding Form 27 with a list of retiring Government servants to the Directorate of Estates/Public Works Department, for needful.
(5) Obtaining of application or certificate in Form 28 or 28A from the Government servant for No Dues Certificate in respect of long term advances.
(6) Forwarding Form 28 along with a list of retiring Government servants to the concerned Treasury Officer for needful.
(7) Undertaking verification of Service by scrutinising the Service Book and records-

(i) See that certificates of verification for the entire service are recorded in the Service Book or not.
(ii) In respect of unverified portion (s) of Service-

(a) Verify with reference to Pay Bills, acquaintance roll and other relevant records;
(b) Refer to other Heads of Offices if the period of unverified service relates to that Office;
(c) In cases other than those covered in (a) and (b) above, ask the Government servant if he so desires, to file a written statement in Form 9 along with all available documents and information;
(d) On satisfaction, issue orders for admitting the service in cases covered in (c) above, in Form 9 and record entries in the Service Book.

(8) Identify any other omission, deficiency or imperfection in the Service Book having a direct bearing on determination of Emoluments and Service qualifying for pension.
(9) In case of Gazetted Government servants appointed before 31.12.1974, see that the History of Service issued by the Accountant General is either attached with the Service Book in original or pasted on the Service Book.

(10) Determination of Emoluments for pension.

(i) If fixation of pay in various pay scales is outstanding, it should be got expedited.
(ii) Obtain a certificate in the Service Book from the senior accounts personnel in the Office that all the fixations made from time to time are correct and ta pay being drawn is also correct.
(iii) In case the Government servant is an officiating Government servant, record a certificate in the Service Book after obtaining the same from the Appointing Authority that the officiating appointment has not been made in leave vacancy or to hold additional charge, for counting officiating pay for Pension, as required under note 3 to Rue 45 in form 32 of R.C.S. (Pension) Rules, 1996.

(11) Date of birth

(i) See that the Date of birth is properly recorded in the Service Book:
(ii) Any alteration in the date of birth recorded baars the approval of the competent authority and a copy of the order is available in Personal File:
(iii) Ensure that there is no change in the date of birth after 31.12.1978, without Government’s approval.
(iv) If the appointment has been made at advanced age, i.e. overage obtain approval of the Government under rule 8 of Rajasthan Service Rules, if not already done.(Pension casa however need not be held up for want of this approval, vide F.D. Order No.F.1(77) FD(Gr.2)/69 dated 15.9.1975)

(2) Foreign Service

(i) If the Government servant was on foreign service, whether the pension contribution has been received from the borrowing authority and entry to this effect made in the Service Book by the Director, Pension Department.
(ii) If the period of foreign service is such where the pension contribution is to be paid by the Government servant himself, ensure that he has deposited the same and entry in the Service Book made by the Director Pension Deptt.

(13) Suspension.

In case the Government servant has been reinstated after suspension, entry to the affect whether the suspension period will count for qualifying service or not, has been made in the Service Book mentioning Order Number and date.

(14) Extra Ordinary Leave.

If Extraordinary Leave is taken on Medical Certificate, or for Higher Studies or due to Civil Commotion /natural calamities, orders of the competent authority counting the leave period for pension are recorded in the Service Book giving reference of Order Number and date.

(15) Action to expedite regularisation of the period of service, if any, under consideration which will have material effect on the determination of qualifying service may be taken.

(16) Examine if there is any interruption in Service resulting in forfeiture of past serve. Take steps for condonation if the same is reasonable and covered under the rules.

(17) Ir. case the retiring employee was a work charged employee before absorption /appointment to regular post in the Government, option in Form 4A opting for pens on in lieu of CPF benefits is pasted in the Service Book.

Entry to the effect that employer’s share of CPF balance has been deposited in the . Government Account and Transfer Entry passed by the State Insurance Provident Fund Department, has been recorded in the Service Book.

(18) Obtain nomination for Retirement/Death gratuity in Form 1 or 2 in case it is not already obtained. Make an entry in the Service Book as per Rule 59 of RCS (Pension) Rules, 1996.

(19) Whether details of Family in Form 3 have been pasted in the Service Book and whether subsequent changes notified if any have been recorded.

(20) One year before the date of retirement:

Obtain copy of retirement orders and no D.E. certificate from the Appointing Authority. if not received by then.

(21) Eight months before the date of retirement:

(i) Obtain Form 5 and Form 5A in triplicate) from the Government servan duly completed, as required under Rule 3 of Pension Rules.
Obtain three copies of specimen signature; joint photograph duly attested; slips showing particulars of height, personal identification marks duly attested, address etc.
(ii) Action under para C points (2) to (21) to be completed eight months prior the date of retirement.

(22) Six months before the date of retirement:

(i) Complete Part I of Form 7
(ii) Forward the pension papers to the Director, Pension Department Form 5, 5A and 7 along with a covering letter in Form 8, Service Book and other documents mentioned therein.
(iii) Ensure sending of all enclosures and documents as mentioned in Form 7 and Form 8 of Pension Set.
(iv) Obtain a declaration from the Government servant giving his consent for recovery of dues, if any, from pension or retirement gratuity.
(v) Retain a Copy of set of pension papers with enclosures sent to the Director, Pension Department.
(vi) Retain an attested copy of P.L. Account for grant of encashment benefits at the time of retirement
(vii) Obtain application from the Government Servant in Form I to Commutation Rules, If the Government servant desires to commute a portion of pension without medical examination.
(viii) Obtain nomination for the payment of arrears and commutation of pension, if the Government servant desires to submit, under Nomination Rules. 1996

(23) Two months before the date of retirement:

Furnish particulars of Government dues or no dues against the retiring Government servant to the Director, Pension Department as required under rule 85, after ascertaining and assossing them as per rule 92 of R.C.S.(Pension) Rules, 1996.

(24) Six months before and up to the date of retirement:

Send immediate intimation to the Director, Pension Department, of any event having a bearing on the amount of pension, after forwarding of pension papers. In case, PPO/GPO has already been issued, ensure servicing a copy of the above intimation to the Pension Disbursing Authority also.

(25) Immediately on retirement: –

(i) İssue a Final Last pay Certificate, endorsing it to the Director, Pension Department. Also give a copy of the same to the retiring Government servant ! for his future record.
(ii) If the Government servant is likely to or have retired before his pension and gratuity or both have not been finally assessed and settled, whether pension papers have been prepared and sent to the Director, Pension or not and if sent, they have beer returned by him with objection, then invoke the authority vested in you under rule 86 of R.C.S. (Pension) Rules, 1996, and sanction 100% provisional pension and 75% or 20% provisional retirement Gratuity, as the case may be, after assessing the qualifying service and emoluments by most careful summary investigation and after following the procedure laid therein.


(26) On receipt of intimation of death of a Govt. Servant: –

(i) Ascertain whether any death gratuity or family pension is payable;
(ii) If death gratuity is payable, ascertain the person or persons to whom the gratuity is payable;
(iii) Address the person (s) concerned in Form 10 or 11 for making a claim in Form 12.
(iv) Address the person concerned to whom family pension is payable in Form 13 asking her/him to make a claim in Form 14.
(v) Address the Directorate of Estates/P.W.D for issue of No Demand Certificate, in case Government accommodation was in occupation of the deceased Government servant.
(vi) Address the Treasury officer concerned for issue of No demand Certificate in case of long term advances.
(vii) Undertake completion of Form 18
(viii) Service verification and determination of emoluments shall be completed within one month’s time of the receipt of intimation regarding death of the Government servant and the amount of family Pension and Death Gratuity shall be calculated accordingly by complying procedure laid down in Rules 96 and 7.

(27) On receipt of claim in Form 14. forward Form 18 and 14 with a covering letter in Form 9 to the Director, pension along with the Service Book duly completed and any other documents, within a month of receipt of Claim. Form 18 may be forwarded even if the claim is not received.

(28) Ascertain and assess Government dues in terms of Rule 101 and draw the attention of the Director, Pension, to the same and the amount of gratuity to be withheld for adjustment of Government dues not assessed so far.

(29) Sanction Provisional Family Pension on receipt of the claim with necessary documents, after most careful summary investigations.

(30) After forwarding pension papers to the Director, Pension Department, also sanction for payment of provisional gratuity (75%) in accordance with Rule 99(2) of Rajasthan Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1996.