DA Rates in 6th Pay Commission

DA Rates in 6th Pay Commission Rajasthan

DA Rates in 6th Pay Commission For Rajasthan Rajasthan Government Employees.

Da Rates in 6th pay Commission pay scale-

Da Rates declared by Rajasthan Government from time to time is in 6th Pay Commission is as follows-
With Effect FromDa Rate Increase persentageTotal DA RateDA in GPF
jan 20076%6%0
July 20073%9%0
Jan 20083%12%0
july 20084%16%0
Jan 20096%22%0
July 20095%27%July-Aug. 2009
Jan. 20108%35%Jan-March 2010
July 201010%45%July-Sept 2010
Jan 20116%51%Jan-March 2011
July 20117%58%July-Aug.2011
Jan 20127%65%Jan-March 2012
July 20127%72%july-sept 2012
Jan 20138%80%Jan-March 2013
July 201310%90%July-Aug 2013
Jan 201410%100%Jan-Feb 2014
July 20147%107%July -Aug 2014
Jan 20156%113%Jan-March 2015
July 20156%119%July-Aug. 2015
Jan 20166%125%Jan-March 2016
July 20167%132%July-Oct 2016
Jan 20174%136%Jan-March 2017
July 20173%139%July-Sept 2017
Jan 20183%142%Jan-Feb 2018
July 20186%148%July-Aug 2018
Jan 20196%154%Jan-Feb 2019
July 201910%164%July 2019-feb 2020