No. F.12(8)FD(Rules/2008 Jaipur, dated:

Subject: Additional Relief on death disability of Government Servants covered by the new Defined Contribution Pension System (NPS).

The pension of the Government servants appointed on or alter 01.01 2004 is regulated by the Rajasthan Civil Services (Contributory Pension Rules, 2005 issued vide Finance Department Notification No. F. 1311) FD/Rules 2003 dated 02.08.2005 amended from time to time Under Finance Department memorandum of even number dated 09.05 2013 the Government Servants appointed on or after 01.01.2004 who are discharged on validation disablement and to the families of such employees who have died during service since 01.01.2004 have been extended certain benefits for the State Government servants covered by the New Pension Scheme on provisional basis till further orders.

The benefits extended under the FD Memorandum of even number dated 09.05.2013 were subject to adjustment of the entire accumulated fund in the NPS account of the employee. As per guidelines of the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PERDA) for grant of these benefits direct adjustment: of the accumulated fund of NPS account is not possible As PERDA has issued order that the adjustment has to be done by the Government directly with the subscriber / nominees / legal heirs after due payment from NPS system to them

Accordingly, the matter has been considered and in supersession of existing provisions of para 8, 9 and 10 of FD memorandum dated 09.05. 2013 the Governor is pleased to order that the payment of various benefits on death! discharge of a Government employee shall be subject to the condition that the entire amount of accumulated pension wealth paid by the Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA) is to be recovered from the employee / family of the employee or from the amount of the DCRG, as the case may be against the payment of benefits / relief payable under this order.

In case where Government servant expired expires during the period of probation while drawing fixed remuneration the contribution towards New Contributory Pension Scheme at the rate of 10% of the fixed renumeration shall be adjusted from the amount of DCRG by the Director Pension and Pensioners Welfare Department.

The amount so recovered or adjusted shall be credited in the Budget Head assigned for the purpose and family pension shall be allowed to the family of deceased Government servant.

The existing procedure of sanctioning provisional pension / family pension as contained in sub para (1), (2), (3), (9) and (10) of para 12 of FD Memorandum No. 12(8)FD(Rules)/2008 dated 09.05.2013 is also revised as under:

(1) The Head of Office will prepare the pension papers in the format of the provisional pension / family pension as per the provisions of this memorandum and will submit the same along with all the details including PPAN/PRAN/Employee ID. relevant documents, requisite number of photographs and the particulars of the bank account of the pensioner (viz. name of the bank, branch, complete postal address of branch with pin code, 7 digit BSR code, IFSC code etc.) to the Director, Pension and Pensioners Welfare Department, Rajasthan, Jaipur. The Head of Office will be responsible for the correctness of the bank details of the pensioner.

(2) The Head of Office will obtain an undertaking from the pensioner / family pensioner to the effect that he/she has understood the provisions of FD Memorandum dated 09.05.2013 as amended under this memorandum and that any payment found to be in excess of his / her entitlement will be refunded to Government / adjusted of his / her final entitlement. The Head of Office will forward this undertaking to the Director, Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare Department along with the pension papers.

(3) After receiving such case the Director, Pension and Pensioners Welfare Department will provide following information to the Director, State insurance and Provident Fund for verification & Director, State Insurance and Provident Fund Department shall provide verification of:

(i) Employee ID/ PLAN / PRAN of Employee
(ii) The amount received from Central Record keeping Agency (CRA).

(4) An affidavit and undertaking given by the pensioner / family pensioner shall be kept in record by Director, Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare Department.

(5) The Director, Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare Department shall be responsible for all recoveries. He shall work out the final payments / recoveries as and when orders to this effect are issued by the Government.

(6) In case of death of pensioner / family pensioner, the same may be. Intimated to the pension account holding branch of the bank by the family members of the deceased immediately and bank will inform the same to the Director, Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare Department.

By order of the Governor,
Special Secretary, Finance (Budget)